For the diagnosis and treatment of your eye problems you will benefit comprehensively from my highly qualified and long-term expertise as acting department head of the University Eye Clinic of Vienna.

All diagnostic procedures are provided with the benefit of my clinical and scientific experience in frequent and rare eye diseases and are based on appropriate examination methods and state-of-the-art technology. The aim is to deliver optimal therapy selected from the entire spectrum of conservative and surgical options and custom-tailored for each individual patient. Each treatment and recommendation is based on highest international medical standards and adhere to the latest scientific research discoveries. Particular emphasis is placed on targeted, careful and sensible use of diagnostic and therapeutic measures. The goal of my clinic is to offer the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.


Comprehensive information is the basis of every decision in medicine.

This necessitates a solid relationship of trust between doctor and patient. The physician should provide accurate, individual advice on the medical condition and offer sensible measures and alternatives that take the patient’s overall situation into account.

My clinic offers primary diagnosis as well as second opinion in complex cases where appropriate. The entire expertise of a clinician and scientist, who as a university lecturer is continuously presenting at professional congresses nationally and internationally, is at your disposal. Due to our practice’s close cooperation with external clinics and supervising specialists, we are able to offer comprehensive and interdisciplinary care to each patient. With our excellent network of clinic managers in the European and international arena we can also propose referrals to other expert centers, if required or desired.


The practice is located in the professional environment of the Evangelical Hospital in Vienna and fulfills all the criteria of modern in- and out-patient clinical management. Scheduling and administration are reliably carried out by the clinic’s administrative office. Both the staff and premises are quality certified and subjected to continuous quality control. All necessary diagnostic instruments are available at all times. Reliable preparation and sterility of all ophthalmic procedures are guaranteed.

Appointments can be made on request at short notice in acute cases.