Drug Injection

Intraocular disorders are most effectively treated by applying appropriate drugs directly to the affected eye. Thus, even a very small dose can achieve an excellent and rapid effect and the risk of side effects in the body is avoided. Intravitreal ocular medication (IVOM) is therefore one of the most common and effective therapies in the entire field of ophthalmology.

Diseases of the central retina, i.e. the macula, are the most important indication for IVOM. The macula is a particularly sensitive structure because 90% of eyesight is located in this central millimeter of the retina. Damage to the macula is often irreversible, therefore, timely treatment is critical.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic macular edema (DME) and thrombosis of the retinal veins (RVO) are common macular diseases. They are also the most common causes of practical blindness, i.e. visual acuity below 10%. The classic symptoms of macular disease are problems with reading, central distortion, disturbed recognition of faces, loss of color perception and a central visual field defect. Ophthalmologists use direct light (ophthalmoscopy) and tomography (OCT) and, if necessary, angiography to accurately diagnose macular disease.

The ocular injections themselves are completely painless and the entire procedure only takes a few minutes. Careful disinfection is required to avoid infection. Regular injections have no affect on sight and special measures are not required. I recommend moisturizing eye drops applied to the eye surface for postoperative comfort.

As most macular diseases are chronic, they usually require continuous care. Any recurrence of disease activity must be recognized and dealt with in a timely manner in order to preserve the benefit of treatment and acquired vision in the long term. Experience from hundreds and thousands of patients is required to optimally assess how disease is developing in an individual patient and to ensure that sufficient treatment is given, but also to avoid over-treatment. As a pioneer in the field of macular and retinal diseases, both clinically and scientifically, I am able to provide my patients with an unrestricted benefit of personalized treatment.